AS 3959

WildfireThe AS 3959 document is subject to copyright and the only way to buy a copy is to purchase it via the Australian Standards distributer, SAI Global. However there are free AS3959 copies available that the public can view. If you are wanting a copy, simply click the AS 3959 link and follow the steps on the next page.

So what is AS 3959?

The Australian Standards AS 3959 covers the bushfire safety requirements of building in a bushfire prone area, as well as providing the methodology for calculating your bushfire attack level.

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By firstly calculating your bushfire attack level (BAL) you are then able to apply your BAL rating to the relevant sections of the AS 3959’s building requirements.

In total there are 6 Bushfire Attack Levels and knowing your level as classified in the AS 3959 document will not only help you prepare your home to the right level, but also make you more aware of the bushfire danger around your home and property.

To calculate your BAL rating you can also use the Bushfire Attack Level Calculator as a guide, however to gain a proper understanding you really need to download a copy of AS 3959. The bushfire Attack Level Calculator uses the simplified method in the Australian Standard AS 3959 document.

Bushfire-Protection-ZoneAS 3959 is a detailed document covering all aspects of building in a bushfire prone area. It is not just for builders, it’s for anyone who live in a bushfire prone area, whether you are building a new home or have an existing home.

Living in a bushfire prone area does not need to be overly dangerous, there are many things covered in AS 3959 that will reduce the risks.

Why worry about it when you can do something about it? By acting now, you will make a huge difference to the survivability of your home, you may only need to take a few small steps and these steps could make a huge difference!