AS 3959 Download

The Australian Standards AS 3959 document is a must for anyone living in a bushfire prone area.

To get your AS 3959 download, you can either buy your own copy at the SAI Global website via clicking the button below and search “AS 3959” or a free AS 3959 download can be viewed via this law resource organisation website link, however the latest amendments aren’t included in the free AS 3959 download link. For the latest free AS 3959 amendments click the links below;

Amendment 1 – 2009
Amendment 2 – 2011
Amendment 3 – 2011

To buy a copy, it can only be bought from the Australian Standards website.


The AS 3959 download is the Australian Standards for constructing or retrofitting a home to help protect it against bushfires.

Using the Australian Standards, you are able to calculate your Bushfire Attack Level (BAL). You can also calculate your bushfire attack level for free here.

There are 6 different Bushfire Attack Level categories, the BAL categories are;

BAL 12.5
BAL 19
BAL 29
BAL 40
BAL Flame Zone

saf-interface-150x150Once you have your AS 3959 download and have figured out your BAL rating, then it is simply a matter of referring to the relevant sections of the document for the specific recommendations.

Click the button above to be taken to the Australian Standards AS 3959 download area.

Dont ignore the risk anymore, you can easily reduce your bushfire risk today. By reading the AS 3959 download you may find that a few simple steps will make a huge difference!

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Most people think preparing your home for the bushfire season is expensive, that is not always the case, there are many easy things that you can do today that will make a difference!

For more information on things you can do to improve the safety of your home visit, the site contains recommendations on how to improve your homes survivability during a bushfire.